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My name is Marshall David Rice and I am a professor, a father, an entrepreneur, a cyclist and a stutterer.  In the summer of 2013, I am going to cycle coast-to-coast across America to help raise money for research and treatment for people who stutter.  

Through my Stutter Across America Tour, I hope to raise awareness of the challenges that people who stutter face every day and promote the message that stutters can do anything they want – even teach like me!

Donations to my Ride will help support the important work of two registered non-profit charities:  The Stuttering Foundation of America and The Speech & Stuttering Institute (Canada).  These organizations will use the funds wisely to provide support and services to people who stutter, including research, advocacy and leading-edge treatment.  Please consider contributing to this important cause.

3,667 Miles
50 days
10 States and
1 Province
2 Oceans
pedal strokes!
The Charities
The Stutter Across America Tour will support two important charities: one in Canada and one in the United States.
The Speech & Stuttering Institute (Canada) provides innovative therapy programs to children, teens and adults as well as supporting research in the field of communication disorders.
The Stuttering Foundation of America provides free online resources, services and support to those who stutter and their families. The Foundation also supports research into the causes of stuttering.
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